I am an Independent Bookkeeper

Helping Business Owners Eliminate Stress

around their

Bookkeeping, Accounting and the Associated Tasks.

Bookkeeping in its simplest term is:

The accurate tracking of money

moving in and out

of your business accounts.

My goals for each client I work with:

I want to make sure that my clients have the best support and are confident that important details, documentation & filings are being completed properly and on schedule.

In my experience business owners rarely go into business having an accounting degree. Thus, I make sure each client is well equipped with the knowledge important for their success.

How I support my clients: 

~ I Provide a scheduling link I call, “Bookkeeper in Your Pocket”. ~

Clients use that link to schedule themselves, for a time that works best for them.

During our sessions, I walk them through the basic bookkeeping processes (data flow, documents & communication) and train them on important QuickBooks Online tools.

~ I talk through key filings important to their industry. ~

Filings that are required for compliance and regulations.

I also confirm who is (or will be) completing those filings, for them.

~ I provide introductions to referral partners (I have worked with personally). ~

It is important that each client have the best support for all areas of their administrative and accounting needs. I specialize in operations bookkeeping and provide connections with referral partners who can support in tasks that fall outside of my area of expertise.

~ I provide ongoing bookkeeping services for clients who understand the importance of accurate bookkeeping. ~


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